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Top 50 Alternative Medicine Blogs

Alternative Medicine, Holistic Healing, Self Improvement, Treatments Comments Off on Top 50 Alternative Medicine Blogs

“Alternative medicine” is a term used to define, from a modern Western medical standpoint, those practices that attempt to heal illness and infirmity without the use of what is considered “conventional” medicine. While it is always wise to be careful of any medical and/or health advice you take, it is especially important to make sure that when you are following the care orders given by an alternative medical practicioner that you deal with someone who is certified in his or her specific practice. Alternative medicine has been shown to be reasonably effective in some cases, and it has even surpassed more conventional treatments. Those who make use of alternative medicine often report feeling more positive, as well as enjoying other benefits. If you are interested in learning more about alternative medicine, here are 50 great alternative medicine blogs to help you on your way: Read the rest of this entry »

Top 50 Nursing Blogs

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Are you a nurse or a nursing student? Perhaps you’ve thought about changing careers to become a traveling nurse or an emergency room (ER) nurse. If you don’t want to feel alone with your thoughts, you can tap into some of the most active blogs on the Internet. These blogs are written by student, practicing and even retired nurses, both male and female.

The list below contains some of the most active nursing blogs available. All blogs have entries from within the past month. The blogs listed below are categorized and listed alphabetically within those categories. This method assures our readers that we do not favor one blog over another. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 25 iPhone Apps for Nurses

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Are you a nurse who uses an iPhone? The iPhone is especially useful for nurses who are mobile, as this tool can help you stay in touch with medical teams and patients’ needs. Additionally, many new apps have been developed for the iPhone that fit a nurse’s lifestyle and professional requirements. Why carry 15 tools around with you when one will do the work for them all? Many of the iPhone apps listed below are not open source or free. And, many require wireless networks to operate. But, when you consider the cost of the tools you might need to simulate these apps, the app may be worth the investment. Read the rest of this entry »

25 Amazing Nurses on Twitter

Tools & Resources 4 Comments »

Want to find a nurse? Use Twitter! The following list of popular and amazing nurses on Twitter also have lives — just like you. Some are into online gaming, others are into their families and even more are obsessed with their work to the point where they Twitter about it and maintain a blog about their services. Read the rest of this entry »

50 Great Learning Tools & Video Games for Nurses & Health Professionals

Tools & Resources 5 Comments »

Are you ready to learn nursing and health care skills via the Internet? According to author Diane J. Skiba, unless you are within 5 years of retirement, you will be encountering the “Net generation” in your nursing practice. This is a group that embraces technology, and it believes that health care, like education, is in the dark ages when it comes to technological usage. So how do you get ahead?

Although nurses and health care professionals have been playing games for a long time, as witnessed in this photograph of four nurses as they played a board game at a table in the interns’ lounge at Duke University before 1940 and by this article about the psychological games involved with nursing. But, online games geared to nursing and health care professionals and their patients have become hot news lately. These games are focused on making the health care profession easier, more efficient and better prepared to handle patients from the Net generation. Read the rest of this entry »

The Ultimate Medical Privacy Guide: 100 Tools and Resources to Secure Your Health Records

Medical Privacy 5 Comments »

Have you heard the positive points about putting your health records online? Or, like many, are you concerned about security and privacy issues about using your credit card online, let alone adding your health records to a Web-based program? If you stand in either camp, you’re not alone. But, even online health record advocates are leery about security.

With that fear in mind, the following list contains 100 tools and resources you can use to make an informed decision about this issue. Health records have, historically, been protected by regulations that protect the patient’s privacy. An online venue, on the other hand, requires different measures to secure sensitive information. So, we’ve included links to opinions about health record security, tools that will help you understand new regulations and technology that centers on health industry security, blogs that focus on frequently updated news about this movement, and background information on eHealth, Health 2.0 and law support for various health issues.

The information below is numbered, but that does not mean we value one source over another. All links, except the “Opinions” listed immediately below, are listed in alphabetical order beneath their headings. Read the rest of this entry »

100 Awesome Self Improvement Blogs: Improve Your Physical and Mental Health, Achieve Your Goals

Self Improvement 21 Comments »

When you think about self improvement, do you think about becoming more fit? Or, do you think about expanding your universe with education or spiritual tools or through creative endeavors? Are you working through a disability or illness, and do you seek support from others? All these topics and more are covered below, in our list of 100 blogs that appeal to the individual’s desire for self improvement.

The blogs, although numbered and listed in alphabetical order under each heading, are not listed by preference or by value.

Achieve Your Goals | Boomers | Brain Power | Creative Therapy | Financial Freedom | Integrated Health | Physical, Emotional and Mental Health | Physical Fitness | Spiritual Growth | Women

Achieve Your Goals

When we searched for blogs that focused on achieving goals, we learned that a majority of those blogs focused on making money. But, the blogs listed below also focus on the necessity of improving mental, emotional and physical health to achieve this wealth pattern. Furthermore, they all focus on self-improvement and self-help as part of this process. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello world!

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