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“Alternative medicine” is a term used to define, from a modern Western medical standpoint, those practices that attempt to heal illness and infirmity without the use of what is considered “conventional” medicine. While it is always wise to be careful of any medical and/or health advice you take, it is especially important to make sure that when you are following the care orders given by an alternative medical practicioner that you deal with someone who is certified in his or her specific practice. Alternative medicine has been shown to be reasonably effective in some cases, and it has even surpassed more conventional treatments. Those who make use of alternative medicine often report feeling more positive, as well as enjoying other benefits. If you are interested in learning more about alternative medicine, here are 50 great alternative medicine blogs to help you on your way:


Chiropractic medicine focuses on manipulating the musculoskeletal system — usually the spine — in an effort promote general health. Chiropractic health providers also offer lifestyle advice, and can show patients exercises that help promote a generally healthy lifestyle.

  1. The Chiropractic Blog provides information on how chiropractic medicine can be applied to a number of ailments, as well as helpful information for practitioners and patients alike.
  2. Everett Chiropractic Center Blog offers helpful information on living well as well as information on chiropractic treatment.
  3. Blog is aimed mostly at practitioners, but it is still a useful and insightful blog for those interested in learning more about chiropractic.
  4. Planet Chiropractic provides helpful information on a number of health-related topics, as well as chiropractic.
  5. Performance Chiropractic Blog focuses on helping you use chiropractic as part of an overall healthier lifestyle.
  6. Cedar Park Chiropractic Blog is written by Dr. Thomas Bynes, who runs the Fit 4 Life Wellness Center in Cedar Park, Texas. His blog incorporates useful information on chiropractic with helpful insights on good health.
  7. Franson Chiropractic Blog focuses on general health and wellness, along with chiropractic information and guidance.


Acupuncture rests on the thesis that there are natural channels of energy running through your body. In order to keep these channels clear and flowing freely (bringing healthful energy and balance to the body’s systems) acupuncture can be used at certain points. Acupuncture involves the use of very fine needles stuck into these points on the body.

  1. World Acupuncture Blog provides information on acupuncture, especially how it can be used in modern times to help manage one’s health.
  2. Acupuncture Blog Chicago offers information on the ways acupuncture can be used to treat specific illnesses, as well as other information on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
  3. Portland Acupuncture Blog provides information on acupuncture, as well as other alternative medicine treatments.
  4. Insights for Acupuncturists aims at helping practitioners. However, the information is interesting and helpful for patients as well.
  5. Four Paws Acupuncture presents information on how dogs can benefit from acupuncture.
  6. Hugh’s Acupuncture Blog offers information on the practice of acupuncture and its benefits.
  7. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Blog focuses on the ways that you can increase your health through acupuncture and other wellness practices based on TCM.


When most people think of “alternative” remedies, they think of herbalism. This type of healing practice makes use of natural herbs and plant extracts to treat a variety of problems. Minerals, bee products, fungi and even some animal parts are included in herbal medicine, which is a term that includes all manner of traditional and folk treatments.

  1. The Essential Herbal contains information on herbal remedies, as well as recipes for delicious food that can be made from herbs.
  2. Herbal Healthcare provides health news and information on how you can increase your health with the use of natural herbs.
  3. Herbal Heaven offers a number of information posts on Asian medicinal herbs.
  4. Herbal Connection focuses on providing helpful information on the use of herbs in medicine and healing.
  5. Bayho Vitamin Supplement & Herb Blog provides information on different supplements, as well as hints on living healthy.
  6. The Herbal Blog is all about creating better health and wellness through the use of herbs. It’s a how-to guide for growing and using herbs more effectively.
  7. The Herbalist’s Path offers helpful information on using folk remedies and living well in general.
  8. The Herbalism Blog provides insight into different herbal remedies, as well as how to grow and mix various herbs.
  9. Herbalist Blog has information on herbs, as well as vitamins, minerals and even a little bit about homeopathy.


The idea behind homeopathy is to use prepared concoctions to treat illnesses. The prepared formulas are based on individual physical characteristics and health, as well as what is likely to offer the same symptoms as the illness. The solution is a diluted one, and it is administered serially, becoming more diluted with each administration. When the dilution is complete, with none of the original substance remaining, the effect of the treatment is thought to be complete.

  1. Homeopathy offers insight on what’s happening with homeopathy, as well as providing a scientific basis for treatments.
  2. Homeopathy News provides information on current health developments from a homeopathic point of view.
  3. Homeopathy Heals You focuses on the healing power of homeopathy, and how you can use it in your personal life.
  4. Modern Homeopathic Blog offers information on modern uses for homeopathy and natural healing products.
  5. Similiacare has a stock of useful information on homeopathy, including book reviews, helpful images and more.
  6. Jo Rhodes Homeopathy is written by a chemist with a degree from Sussex University. The blog purports to be a scientist’s view of homeopathy and its effectiveness as a treatment for illness.
  7. Sue Young Homeopathy explores different views of homeopathy and its uses from a variety of scholars, philosophers, scientists and others through the ages.


In some cases, meditation is recommended as a way to help combat the effects of certain illnesses and conditions. Meditation involves focusing deeply on a single point of reference, raising awareness. It also provides deep relaxation, and offers the potential to help the body’s healing.

  1. Meditation is Easy focuses on teaching you how to involve yourself in solving some of your problems with help from meditation.
  2. The Buddhist Blog teaches about Buddhism, including how meditation can help with several different kinds of illness.
  3. The Meditation Blog provides helpful information on proper meditation and technique.
  4. The Consciousness Blog offers techniques for helping you increase your consciousness and awareness, focusing your energy.
  5. Meditation Works teaches you how to use meditation to control your habits, improve your health and focus your mind.
  6. Yoga and Meditation Blog offers information on using meditation for your overall health and wellness.


Ayurveda is the healing practice native to India. It is a system of living a healthy lifestyle that focuses on keeping the body in balance, according to the elements of the body. Surgical and herbal medicine practices are included in Ayurveda, as well as yoga and massage.

  1. Ayurvedic Talk provides information on traditional Indian medicine, include herbal remedies and using yoga to improve your health.
  2. Ayurveda Asia is written by a practitioner who answers health questions on the blog using Ayervedic principles.
  3. The Jiva Blog devotes itself to sharing Ayurvedic principles, and reporting news of Ayurvedic treatments and success around the world.
  4. Ayurveda offers tips on applying ancient Indian wellness principles to your life.
  5. An Ayurveda Blog focuses on men’s health, specifically how Ayurveda can help treat impotence.
  6. Ayurveda in Thailand offers information on practices and also provides answers to questions asked by readers and patients.
  7. Natural Health Tips and Ayurvedic Medicine provides information on using natural remedies and herbs, with a focus on Ayurvedic tradition.


Reiki is a treatment designed to help the body with its healing and overall health through promoting the proper flow of energy throughout the body. Reiki practitioners insist that it can help with speed the healing process, and promote wellness.

  1. Reiki Blogger shares insight into improve one’s health through reiki.
  2. Reiki Help Blog offers helpful information on reiki, and applying it in your life.
  3. Reiki Healing focuses on how you can use reiki in healing.
  4. Reiki Goddess provides information on how reiki can help combat illness and promote wellness in all aspects of your life.
  5. Reiki Awakening follows the journey of one person trying to balance her life and improve her health through reiki.
  6. Reiki For Holistic Health focuses on the ways that reiki can be used as part of your focus on holistic health.
  7. Reiki Artist provides information on healing through reiki and reiki-based art.

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