25 Amazing Nurses on Twitter

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Want to find a nurse? Use Twitter! The following list of popular and amazing nurses on Twitter also have lives — just like you. Some are into online gaming, others are into their families and even more are obsessed with their work to the point where they Twitter about it and maintain a blog about their services.

All of the nurses below, male and female, have more than 100 followers, some in the thousands. They encompass all nursing specialties, from travel nursing to ultrasound tech to neonatal. All of the links below are listed in alphabetical order. This methodology shows that we do not favor one nurse over another.

  1. @aydzb: An RN and educator who holds nutrition and weight loss classes. Visit this wellness and weight loss coach’s Web site to learn more.
  2. @Bob_the_nurse: A 26 year old psychiatric nurse who currently works for a mental health drug team. Visit his It’s Fun to Bank Web site to learn more about Bob the Nurse.
  3. @BonnieRN: BonnieRN is a medical care manager and legal nurse consultant. You also can follow her blog.
  4. @BrianBowman: Brian is a Registered Nurse and airline transport pilot. He also designs and exclusive whole-food supplement and herbal healing medleys “custom-tailored to Type-A individual’s needs.” Visit the Arrowpeak Web site to learn more.
  5. @CaryRN: BSN, RN with RA. She has a son, is a transplanted Iowan, loves Border Collies, reading, writing, parrots and fellow humans. Her penchant for birds is obvious at her Big Grey Birds blog.
  6. @ChristianNurse: News, views and resources for Christians in Nursing and other healthcare disciplines. Their Web site is for Christian nurses and midwives.
  7. @crzegrl15: Emily McGee is a “Nerdy Flight Nurse” who also maintains a blog about the “life and times of a flight nurse.”
  8. @donnawcei: Donna Sardina is a nurse and small business owner who loves wound care. She represents the Wound Care Education Institute.
  9. @EllenRNorman: Ellen is a a semi-retired nurse promoting relaxation management & a calmer lifestyle. Her Web site offers “calming and peaceful insights for stressed nurses and caregivers.”
  10. @emergencyroom: Todd Casey is an ER triage RN who is into frisbee, basketball, buffalo, Spinal Tap and online games.
  11. @Emergiblog: Kim McAllister is a writer, blogger, RN, wife and mom, fan of Hugh Hewitt and James Lileks. Visit Kim’s Web site to learn more about this nurse.
  12. @ernursek: ER nurse and blogger. Visit Crass-Pollination to learn more about everything from high-quality urban emergency nursing care to bus tokens and cab vouchers.
  13. @Geek2Nurse: True! This woman was an electrical/software engineer who became a psych RN. “When they asked if I had psych experience, I said ‘I’ve worked a lot with programmers.’ I got the job.” Learn more at her Toasty Frog Web site.
  14. @jeffthenurse: Jeff Seely is a networking leader, an RN on a Rapid Response Team, a dad and a husband. He’s also into MLM through his Web site.
  15. @JetWithKids: Anya is an RN, consultant travel expert, author, safety advocate and a speaker who covers practical and medical issues that affect quality of travel and life. Learn more at her Web site.
  16. @joycollins: Joy is a writer and a legal nurse consultant. Read more about her interests at her site, Fiction for today’s woman.
  17. @jsrRN: Jan Rodolfo is an oncology RN who works for the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee. She’s also on FaceBook.
  18. @learae: LeaRae Keyes is a nurse entrepreneur, nurse business coach, and she is the Executive Director of the Nurse Entrepreneur Network.
  19. @Nicurnmama: Larua Scarborough is a wife, mom of five, NICU, nurse, blogger and expert juggler. Don’t believe us? Read more about Laura at her Web site, Adventures in Juggling.
  20. @not_ratched: Megen is a Mac and iPhone fan, RN, photography nut and a language geek. Visit her Not Nurse Ratched blog to learn more.
  21. @nursesean: Nurse Sean is an RN who works in a “massive ICU.” Read more at Sean’s blog, The Intensive Art.
  22. @nursewendy: Wendy Jones is an intensive care nurse working on her master’s degree in women’s health. She also admits she’s “extremely entertaining when drunk…”
  23. @rdjfraser: Robert is a multi-faceted nursing student who has plenty of nursing ideas.
  24. @NurseDan: Dan Weberg is an ER Nurse with a masters in healthcare innovation. He’s also a PhD student, owns two innovation businesses and he’s out to change the world.
  25. @qu6767: This newly hired nurse is a health nut who is into diets and “anything else related to health.”

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