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Are you a nurse or a nursing student? Perhaps you’ve thought about changing careers to become a traveling nurse or an emergency room (ER) nurse. If you don’t want to feel alone with your thoughts, you can tap into some of the most active blogs on the Internet. These blogs are written by student, practicing and even retired nurses, both male and female.

The list below contains some of the most active nursing blogs available. All blogs have entries from within the past month. The blogs listed below are categorized and listed alphabetically within those categories. This method assures our readers that we do not favor one blog over another.

Practicing Nurses

The following blogs are blogs written by practicing nurses in general.

  1. A Place I Call Home: This city girl moved to a small town to practice nursing. She shares her joys and frustrations from work and every day living.
  2. About a Nurse: This blog is in connection with the popular nurses’ site, The blog seems to play off stories carried in the parent site.
  3. At Your Cervix: This blogger currently works in a very large teaching hospital in the labor and delivery unit as a registered nurse. But, this nurse basically writes about “whatever pops into my head.”
  4. Brain Scramble, RN: Follow the “trials and tribulations” of this first-year nurse. This blogger also kept a blog about her nursing school experiences.
  5. Codeblog: As an RN, this blogger started posting stories about what happens at work, and people really enjoyed reading them. So, she continues…and she accepts stories from others as well.
  6. Exit 95 on The Yellowbrick Road…: This Texas girl now lives and practices nursing in the Midwest. She shares her life and work through this blog.
  7. Head Nurse: Since 2004, this head nurse has been offering advice, snippets of daily nursing life and general information on how she lives her life in a very touching and open manner.
  8. It shouldn’t happen in health care: Max E. Nurse offers a “reflection on the funny side of the consulting room door and a hint at life in general.”
  9. Nurse Ratched’s Place: Mother Jones, RN, is located on the east coast and she offers an entertaining and enlightening look at her career.
  10. PixelRN: You might enjoy this part-time nurse and stay-at-home mom who loves to blog, tweet, and take pictures.
  11. Thoughts from the night shift: The ongoing story of an ER night-shift nurse who currently is seeking a flight nurse position. Jimmy Buffet fan.

Male Nurses

Male nurses often have a different perspective on their work and studies. Read on to discover their stories.

  1. Canuck Nurse: This is a popular blog among other nurses, as it’s often listed in their link lists. Matt is in Toronto, and his career as a staff nurse is now three-years-old.
  2. DisappearingJohn RN: The story of an RN who was a patient and is now trying to achieve his master’s degree.
  3. Digital Doorway: Keith offers “a digital venue for creative expression, nursing adventures, reflections on healthcare, thoughtful reverie, thoughtless repose, and other flotsam and jetsam.”
  4. From Cash Flow to Catheters: A New Nurse’s Story: You may have followed this blog when William was a student. He’s now a nurse, and he’s just as active in relaying his story now as he was in school.
  5. Impacted Nurse: Ian Miller, a registered nurse with nearly 23 years experience working in the Emergency Department of a major teaching hospital in Canberra Australia, shares his stories in the third person.
  6. RNSpeak! Patrick has been a practicing nurse for 25 years and recently graduated from a Masters degree in Nursing.

Student Nurses

Student nursing blogs come and go, but these have withstood the test of time – as least as long as the nursing school experience,

  1. Becoming a Nurse: Monika makes a mid-life career change to become a nurse, and she blogs about her choice.
  2. Dear Nurses: If you want a humorous and easy way to improve your clinical and communication skills, stay tuned to this blog.
  3. Someday Nurse: Read all about this blogger’s experiences in nursing school. She’s about to graduate this spring, so you have a full scope of this person’s experiences here.
  4. The Diary of a Nursing Student: This blogger currently is a student nurse working toward a bachelor’s degree. She is now working with a hospital team in a preceptorship.
  5. The Makings of a Nurse: This blogger has aspirations of eventually earning her Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) as a licensed Nurse Practitioner.
  6. The Nursing School: A long-running blog that addresses issues and tips on how to navigate nursing school.
  7. What school doesn’t teach about being a nurse practitioner: This blog is for new NPs or NP students who want some “real 411” on the life of a new practitioner.

Nursing Specialties

Not all nursing specialties are listed below, but this list provides a smattering of insight into specialty nursing careers.

  1. Emergiblog: This blog about the “Life and Times of an ER Nurse” has been around for a long time. It’s a very popular blog written by Kim, a nurse in the San Francisco Bay area, who has been in her profession for 28 years.
  2. Heart Matters: Tales from an ICU nurse who blogs about cases and ER issues.
  3. Madness: tales of an emergency room nurse: Follow this blog to learn about the adventures of a veteran nurse in an inner-city ER.
  4. N is for Nurse: Prisca is an orthodox Christian, wife, mom and registered nurse who writes about her life as a high-risk labor and delivery nurse.
  5. Night Time Nursing: A gathering of thoughts and stories from a 12-hour night shift critical care nurse.
  6. Nurse Healers by Kate Loving Shenk: If you’re interested in how self-help, music and pets (and more) can help the healing process, this blog is for you.
  7. Rebirth: This blogger is a new CNM but still working as a Registered Nurse. She’s worked in obstetrics since 2000, and now works as a midwife.

Travel Nursing

If you love to travel and you like to care for people, then this job may be for you. The travel nursing job blog is listed under “Job Market” below.

  1. Ask Conrad! If you have a question about travel nursing, just ask Conrad. The questions are great and the answers are even better.
  2. Have RN Will Travel: If you find time to read this travel nurse’s blog, you’ll find advice, tips and experiences all flavored with a touch of humor.
  3. Highway Hypodermics: This blog was created in effort to assist nurses out with their journey down the “Highway of Travel Nursing!”
  4. Meet a nurse who was unhappy working as a staff nurse, so she worked for seven years as a travel nurse. She’s a staff nurse again, but she shares her experiences as a travel nurse in this blog.
  5. Travel Nursing Blogs: This entire site is dedicated to travel nurses, and you can enjoy several blogs here as well.


These blogs focus on cases, case management and other particulars that change constantly and that are great resources for students and practicing nurses.

  1. Clinical Cases and Images – Blog: A blog filled with clinical cases with medical and information technology news.
  2. Nursing Assistant Resources on the Web: This site has been online for ten years in various shapes and forms, with the goal of offering CNAs the best possible online resources and links and information for their careers.
  3. Nursing Law & Order: Nursing Law & Order provides commentary on the legal, professional, ethical, and clinical practice issues and trends that nurses face.
  4. Nursing Research: Show me the evidence! Although this blog focuses on The St. Joseph Hospital (Orange, California), it has become widely popular for its evidenced-based nursing content.

Job Market

Are you seeking a nursing job? The blogs listed below may get you started.

  1. Campus RN: Campus RN provides resources for nursing students, including ways to achieve potential jobs.
  2. Health and Nursing Issues Australia: An article-filled site that focuses on the nursing profession and health care issues in Australia.
  3. Nurse Review: This site, which originates in the Philippines, covers all the details any nursing student would want to know before starting a career.
  4. Nursing Job A Day: Florida Hospital has jobs, so if you are a nurse, radiology technician, physical therapist or other healthcare professional looking for a career, you may find one here.
  5. Nursing Jobs: Learn about every possible aspect of your job as a nurse at this blog.
  6. Nursing Scrubs: Although this site promotes nursing scrubs, it also provides a great deal of information about the nursing profession.
  7. Online Nursing: If you want information about nursing jobs, news and registered nurse information, this up-to-date site may satisfy your quest.
  8. Travel Nurse Source: Find a job in travel nursing through this resource. Their blog is filled with news that pertains to travel nursing.


There’s more humor in the blogs listed above, but these blogs may tickle your funny bone more than others.

  1. Crass-Pollination, an ER Blog: You might enjoy this quirky nurse’s blog even if you faint at the sight of blood.
  2. Medical Jokes, Cartoons, Videos: If you can’t laugh at yourself (or at any doctor), then who can? This site brings a bit of levity to the nursing career.

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