Although Washington DC isn’t a state, it is an area that is self-contained and filled with all the amenities that any state could boast other than rural areas. You can revel in incredible architecture, cultural influences, famed cherry tree blossoms, great food and extreme political environments. And, nurses can find just as many educational and career opportunities here as they can in other regions, especially since the DC area is so closely connected to states such as Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. The salaries within the nation’s capital are among some of the highest in the nation.

Becoming a Nurse in Washington DC

Washington DC provides several opportunities to study nursing within its borders, and even more opportunities within the surrounding area. Within the DC area, Howard University offers a four-year undergraduate BSN and an advanced placement track over 22 months for the BSN. They also offer RN-to-BSN and LPN-to-BSN programs. Another opportunity to study nursing is provided by George Washington University, which provides students with graduate and undergraduate options. They also offer a “Project RN Scholarship” in collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield, where fully-funded scholarship opportunities are available for applicants who want to pursue the goal of becoming nurse faculty. Georgetown University also offers nursing degrees from undergraduate to graduate in programs such as health care management and policy, international health and clinical nursing.

Nursing Jobs in Washington DC

Nurses who seek careers in the District of Columbia will find plentiful opportunities. One of the largest health care employers includes Sunrise Senior Living, which provides senior living services – including nursing care – to more than 53,000 residents in nearly 350 communities nationwide. Other employers include Children’s Medical Center, Georgetown University’s two hospitals and medical care centers, Howard University Hospital, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Walter Reed Hospital and the Psychiatric Institute of Washington. Nurse salaries in the nation’s capital range, depending upon the nurse’s experiences, degree earned and the job description. But, the salaries in this area are higher than the national average. For instance, an LPN who works in Washington DC can earn between $31,000 and $62,000 per year and the RN can earn between $59,000 and $131,000 per year, with an average salary of $84,000.