A visit to New Mexico can reveal a state that is filled with both magical deserts and delightful metropolises such as Phoenix, Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Artists thrive in areas such as Taos, and Carlsbad and Roswell offer the off-beat with their other-worldly alien focuses. The nurse who decides seek an education or a career in “The Land of Enchantment” may find a leisurely pace that can contrast against stressful studies and work. New Mexico, like the rest of the states in this nation, is desperately seeking qualified nurses to fill various positions.

Becoming a Nurse in New Mexico

The nursing student who seeks a wide variety of specialties and a choice of degree options might look to the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. This university offers focuses on acute care, administration, clinical nursing, community health, nurse education, family care, midwifery and neonatal/newborn care. They offer the BSN and MSN in nursing. Other options for nursing education throughout this state include: Clovis Community College, which offers an associate’s degree in nursing; Eastern New Mexico University, which provides programs in community health and women’s health and a BSN in nursing; and, New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, which offers both the BSN and MSN in nursing.

Nursing Jobs in New Mexico

Statewide, the average salaries for LPN, RN and specialty nurses are some of the highest nationwide. For instance, a the LPN in New Mexico can earn between $31,000 to $62,000 per year, and RNs statewide can earn between $59,000 to $132,000 per year. A nurse who carries an MSN degree can average $118,000 per year. Some of New Mexico’s largest health care employers include St. Vincent REgional Medical Center, a non-profit non-affiliated hospital located in Santa Fe and that is the only Level III trauma center in the northern part of the state; Presbyterian Healthcare, which is located in Albuequerque and is the state’s largest critical care hospital; and, Lovelace Sandia Medical Center, also located in Albuequerque. This institution is a provider of high-quality care and affordable health insurance to residents of the state.