Nebraska represents America’s heartland, and it’s easy to see why – low crime rates, an environmentally-aware population, and family-friendly small towns all contribute to a state that has attracted more and more residents. This growth has contributed to a need for qualified nursing services in urban and rural areas. While most of the major educational opportunities are located in cities like Omaha and Lincoln, rural care nursing needs such as women’s health, pediatrics and geriatrics also need to be met.

Becoming a Nurse in Nebraska

Nurses who wish to study in Nebraska can find a wide range of opportunities. A doctoral degree in nursing can be achieved through Southeast Community College in Lincoln or at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. These schools also offer the BSN or MSN degrees. Other schools, such as Clarkson College and Creighton University, both based in Omaha, offer the BSN and MSN. Specialties at this school include adult and family care, nutrition, pharmacology and more.

Nursing Jobs in Nebraska

Nurses who seek employment in Nebraska can start with some of the top health care facilities in this state. Among those employers is Bryan LGH Medical Center, which is spread across two distinct sites in Lincoln. Another choice includes TR Medical, a company that recruits and places professionals in radiology, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, nursing and other specialties. Lincoln Surgical Hospital provides another career opportunity. Located in Lincoln, this 25,000-square foot facility is filled with health care professionals committed to caring for people. Salaries for nurses who work in Nebraska range widely, depending upon experience and degree earned and the job description and location. An LPN located in Lincoln can earn an average of $37,000 per year, and an RN in that same city can earn, on average, $63,000 per year. This salary is slightly less than the average annual salary for an RN statewide, which is $66,000 per year.