Florida is known as the “Sunshine State,” and the health care job possibilities in this state as just as bright. With its status as one of the top retirement destinations, nurses who seek employment in geriatrics and gerontology can find plentiful jobs. health care jobs are numerous. Also, as the winter break destination for thousands of college students each year, the need for qualified nurses, health care workers and RNs remains great.

Becoming a Nurse in Florida

From the Florida panhandle to the Florida Keys, nursing students can find a plethora of educational opportunities. For example, Florida International University in Miami offers BSN, MSN and doctoral degrees with specialties in adult care, anesthetist, family care, pediatrics and psychiatric/mental health care nursing; Brevard Community College in Cocoa offers an associate degree in nursing and programs for those who seek registered nurse status; and the College of Health in Jacksonville provides students with opportunities to study clinical nursing, family care, management and pharmacology. Graduates at this latter college can earn certifications or a BSN or an MSN.

Nursing Jobs in Florida

A wide variety of jobs await the nursing graduate or pro in this state. An LPN who wants to work in a nursing home can earn about $49,000 per year, and an RN who chooses to work with a travel cath lab can earn up to $79,000 per year. One of the higher paying jobs in Florida includes a senior investigator (forensics), aimed at a doctoral degree nurse with a salary of about $136,000 per year. Some of the largest health care employers in Florida include Boca Raton Community Hospital, which employs over 1800 people, and Miami Children’s Hospital, a world leader in pediatric health care. Don’t forget cruise ship nursing – Carnival Cruise lines is one of the largest employers in this state.