If you love sports, you’ll like Indiana. This state is known for the Indianapolis Colts, the NBA Indiana Pacer, the Indianapolis 500, Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish, and “Hoosier Hysteria” over its basketball team. The nurse who wants to find educational opportunities here also can find haunted libraries, amusement parks and a famous venue for hunting and fishing. Amidst all these activities, the nurse can find employment in a state that prides itself on close-knit communities, even within its urban areas.

Becoming a Nurse in Indiana

Indiana University, located in Indianapolis and Bloomington, offers the student nurse the widest variety of specialty courses and degrees within the state. You can focus on clinical or family nursing, pediatrics, and management and earn an associate’s to doctoral degree within this institution. Indiana University is located throughout the state, with locations such as Kokomo, Richmond and Gary, and they all offer various specialty and degree options. Other educational opportunities throughout the state include Greater Lafayette Health Services in Lafayette and Bethel College in Mishawaka. The latter college offers certifications, an associate’s degree and a BSN option.

Nursing Jobs in Indiana

Nurses in Indiana face a wide range of salary options, depending upon experience, degree earned and job description. For instance, an RN administrator in this state can earn an average of $76,000 per year, and the pediatric RN can earn, on average, $58,000 per year. In contrast, the LPN pediatric nurse in Indiana can average about $42,000 per year. Some of the largest employers in this state include Clarian Health Partners in Indianapolis, and St. Vincent Health, with locations throughout the state. Other options include work as a clinical, traveling, or rural-care nurse.